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Hello you lovely Gems!

Welcome to Moon Dog Gems!

My name is Kyndal. I started this venture in 2020 after my soul dog, Chili Moon, passed away. For many years, we were living freely in a van on the road (by choice), traveling the United States and Mexico together. During this time, Chili Moon & I would go to every rock shop we came across and started healing our souls together. We healed traumas, neglect, abuse and most of all we learned the true meaning of LOVE and Freedom. 

Once Chili passed, I had a bit of an emptiness in my heart and wanted a way to honor her every day. I wanted to share the beautiful creations and gems of the Earth, that brought us so close together and taught us so many things, so Moon Dog Gems was born.

In 2021, my husband and I started a small hobby farm, and of course Covid had hit pretty hard during this time, as well as other unlikely events, so I started creating more. I became inspired by my surroundings of nature, by my Tribe of  "Moon Dogs", by self-care rituals. My farm had become my vessel of creativity and I couldn't wait to share it all with you!

I love being able to bring a memory back to life through scent, sight or touch... or maybe even create new ones! From the stones I wrap, to the candles I craft and the photographs I take; it's all a way to add those warm fuzzies to your life, as well as to bring loving healing vibes to all of your days.

I'd love to be a part of YOUR Journey!! I welcome you to look around, ask questions and join the Moon Dog Tribe, not only here but also on TikTok!

Now go Vibe YOUR Vibe and have a beautiful day!



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