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Do you love Dolphins? Do you know a lover of Dolphins? If you answered, just found your perfect gift!

This is a listing for one Mookaite & Banded Green Onyx Dolphin Carving. 


The Dolphin represents joy, childlike play, helpfulness, and harmony. The Dolphin can teach us much about harmony with others, and are therefore a great symbol for friendship. Dolphins can take away tensions and help bring joy to your life. For the Greeks, Dolphins represented the sacred and righteous.


The spiritual meaning of dolphins is about peaceful animals and personality, thinking about those around them and sacrificing oneself for others’ well-being, never getting into any conflict with the neighboring sea creatures or humans.


This mammal is a link between humans and nature, a diplomatic balance. The dolphin is associated with both water and air elements, living in both realms, symbolizing both the emotional and intellectual traits.


The dolphin is a symbol of protection for its presence in stories about saving the drowning sailors or other humans in distress. Those that travel the seas also see them as a sign of good luck, a dolphin accompanying the ship being an excellent omen, whether it’s the weather you have in mind or a nearby shore.


This dolphin carving has some natural surface cracks and flaws.

Only ONE available.

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Mookaite & Banded Green Onyx Dolphin Carving

Excluding Sales Tax

    Origins: Mookaite- Western Australia Banded Green Onyx- usually found in Brazil, India, Madagascar Mexico, Peru, and the USA.

    Weight:  211g

    Measurements (approx): (L) 2" (H) 3 1/4" (W) 1 1/2" 

    • Mookiate Properties: The Mookaite crystal stone meaning has long been associated with royalty, particularly during medieval times. More recently, the Mookaite is a favorite to include in healing layouts because it represents the earth element, making it a stable and grounding complement to other stones. The Mookaite crystal is an excellent all-over energizer that cleanses and activates the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. Need a spiritual pick-me-up? The Mookaite crystal stone encourages you to take control of your destiny and shoot for the stars. Its medicine reminds us that we're the CEO of our own lives and it's time to start making executive decisions.
    • Banded Green Onyx Properties: Green onyx is a sign of restfulness and purity. This green soothing stone helps you to remove your all worries, tension, fears, and stress. It gives you a positive feeling, strong mental support and helps you to make strong decisions during your difficulties. This stone has a strong relation with love, friendship, and affection and also enhances sexuality and sensuality. The green onyx also improves your memory and learning ability. This gemstone is associated with planet mercury which is an example of intelligence and sharp memory. The person who wears or uses this stone has sharper memory and high intelligence. Though the Green Onyx gemstone is attuned to the Heart Chakra, experts say that it is beneficial for all the other Chakras as well.

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  • Due to being a one woman shop, Moon Dog Gems does not offer returns or refunds but please contact us if there are any issues with your order and I will be sure to address any issue or concern that may arise. 

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